What is BDIX Hosting

  The Bangladesh Internet Exchange, or BDIX, is the first Internet Exchange Point in the country. BDIX offers physical connections to its members to communicate and route local Internet traffic. As Bangladesh’s fastest, cheapest, and most effective Internet service provider, BDIX has become a dominant player in the industry since 2014. Most of us have […]

What Is CDN? Discover How It Works in 2022

What is CDN? Discover How It Works in 2022

Most commonly used websites and software applications are operated from a single physical place or server. Yet contents such as photographs, text, files, and videos must still be transmitted through cables to every person in different locations on the planet. If any server is located in a city, people from that city will get the […]

10 Best Web Hosting Provider in Bangladesh in 2022

best web hosting provider in Bangladesh

The first step to building a website is getting a domain name and a hosting plan in Bangladesh. The name of your website is in the domain name. A web host is where(a server) you store your website’s files, graphics, texts, etc. Also, that server will let people access your website online. So, are you […]

What is cPanel Hosting: A Beginner Friendly Guide To cPanel in 2022

what is cPanel hosting

Various flexibility and simplicity features make online business a trend today. If you want to start your online business as an entrepreneur, you have to create a website. The web hosting service is necessary for your website to be accessible on the internet. You can choose from a wide variety of web hosting services for […]

Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Which is Best in 2022

cloud hosting vs shared hosting

Choosing the right hosting plan is crucial to the survival of a business website. With a reliable hosting solution, it will be easy to maintain a constant flow of income for your business. You can host your website on any hosting service. However, cloud and shared hosting are still the most popular types, and many […]

How to Choose a Best Web Hosting Provider in 2022

how to choose a web hosting provider

When you begin your online journey with a website, it is crucial to determine which web hosting provider will meet your needs. In addition to storing your website’s files and data, a hosting provider ensures security and performance. Choosing a web hosting company that provides excellent uptime and consistency is the best way to prevent […]

What is Shared Hosting and Why It is Important in 2022

What is shared hosting and why is it important

If you are considering hosting your website, you have several options to choose from. Aside from choosing the right hosting provider, you’ll need to pick the right package. Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting options for those who are launching their first website. Shared hosting lets you launch your website fast and […]