Reseller Hosting

Build a successful web hosting business thanks to our Fast, Stable and Secure, white-labeled Reseller Web Hosting Plans!

Reseller Hosting Plans


Our platform is powered by AWS

We operate on AWS to create a powerful and technically superior hosting service.

SSD persistent storage

Distributed storage running on SSD disks for optimal speed and a high-level of redundancy.

Ultra-fast network

AWS is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best-connected networks.

What makes Hostkoro Awesome

Performance that exceeds your expectations and features you are about to fall in love with

servers management

Optimized Servers

Yes, you can speed up your website! Get up to 70% better performance with Free CDN, SSD, AMD EPYC™ CPU, and WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP).


WHM Access and cPanel accounts

Easy Management of all your clients! Thanks to WHM and cPanel your customers will enjoy the most popular control panel and all the features it brings absolutely free of charge!

Technical support for customer

24/7 Technical Support

Fully managed hosting service with top-rated technical support. Based on 100 support requests, we resolved 83% of the issues in less than 15 minutes.


Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

Our team is 100% committed to maintaining above the industry-average uptime of 99.9% for our network and your website, email, and core services.

speedometer icon

Superior Performance

You do not have to wait in order to take advantage of the newest PHP versions and compression algorithms like Brotli, HTTP/3, TLS 1.3 and QUIC.

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Website Security with Imunify360

With Hostkoro and Imunify360 you get a free SSL certificate, daily malware scans, and an always-on web application firewall (WAF) to keep your site safe.


Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services.

The Cloud Reseller Hosting is a Web Hosting service allowing its users to create multiple Web Hosting Accounts intended to host their clients' websites. All that, without the hassle of maintaining the technical aspect of the service. Server setup, control panel setup, backups, security, speed, monitoring - we take care of all that while our Cloud Reseller Hosting customers can focus on what matters most - selling the service to their clients at the price they decide.


The service is best suitable for Web Agencies, Owners of multiple websites, and Web Hosting Entrepreneurs looking to start their own Web Hosting business.


If we have to suggest a real-life example, imagine you have the capital to build an apartment building that you will eventually sell or rent. In the best-case scenario, you will need an architect, builder, electrician, plumber, and some workers before the project gets completed.


How about if you only have to focus on selling the apartments at the price you want and so.

With a single purchase of our Cloud Reseller Hosting plans, you become the sole captain of your own Web Hosting.

The service will grant you limited (depending on the plan's specifications) access to our Optimized Cloud Web Hosting Environment and put you in charge of managing multiple separate Web Hosting Accounts.

To create a new Web Hosting Account, you have the option to define Web Hosting packages further assigned to each cPanel account you add to your Cloud Reseller Hosting plan. Each Web Hosting Package can be limited in Disk Space, Number of Domains, Emails, and many more. You have the power to decide what to include in your Web Hosting Plans!

Once created, each Web Hosting Account will benefit from enhancements, security improvements, and live human monitoring that we provide for free!

Often the Reseller Hosting gets neglected in terms of website loading speed! Undoubtedly, the loading speed is one of the most sought-after aspects of the Web Hosting service these days, and we turned special attention to it with our Cloud Reseller Hosting plans!

To provide your customers with the best possible loading speed, we took our best-selling Cloud Hosting plan (our Premium Cloud) and incorporated its infrastructure, optimizations, and security into our Cloud Reseller Hosting plans. With a single installation of the LS Cache plugin for WordPress or any other Opensource platform, you will be able to turn every website hosted on our Cloud Reseller Hosting plans into a fast-loading wonder!

The included Whitelabel service in our Cloud Reseller Hosting plans works on three levels.

First, it hides all branding associating the Web Hosting service with Hostkoro. Even if you do not put your branding, your customers will never know who maintains the service's infrastructure.

Secondly, we provide you with the option to upload your logo to the WHM service that we provide access over. The logo will then be used on all pages of the cPanel service, so your customers will only see your branding.

Finally, we provide you with the option to create your Nameservers, allowing your clients to point their domains to your Nameservers instead of the default we provide.

Yes, of course! Once you sign up, please get in touch with our representatives over live chat or submit a technical support ticket and request the transfers of your websites!