Premium Hosting Technologies

Developing smart solutions in-house and adopting the latest speed and security technologies is our passion. We put our hearts into crafting tools and interfaces that make our client experience exceptional and we never stop innovating to bring you the best service possible.


Powered by AWS

We run our service on AWS, which guarantees premium availability and reliability and one of the fastest networks out there. We use distributed SSD storage for multiple redundancies.

Powerful Caching Technology

All hosted sites get cached, which improves their performance up to 5 times! We cache both their static resources and the dynamic PHP output. Our clients get the option to switch on Redis for database-driven sites.

Quick technology integration

We are consistently among the first to integrate and offer the latest speed technologies such as the newest PHP versions, the fastest compression algorithms like Brotli, and more.

Brotli Compression

Brotli - the next generation compression algorithm, developed by Google as a successor of the popular gzip, is already deployed and enabled on all our Site Tools servers. It speeds up your site by producing up to 20% smaller files than its predecessor.

Top WordPress Performance

For WordPress sites we have Litespeed cache plugin that gives you control over the server environment and various front-end optimizations to make your site run significantly faster.

Smart WAF

Our dedicated Security Team is watching out for emerging threats and exploits and writes smart firewall rules to protect our hosting environment and sites from known hacks and breaches.

Hardware Features

Globally approved and tested by thousands of happy customers - the Cloud Platform powering every Web Hosting Solution that we offer is packed with all the important features bring your website the speed and reliability your customers will appreciate!

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Powered by cutting edge Cloud Technology, our Services skip the mandatory downtime when it comes to hardware maintenance. The technology allows for hot-swapping of basically every hardware component with zero downtime for the hosted websites.

Native SSD Storage

Native SSD Storage

The most modern Solid-State Drives power the storage of all our servers for optimal read/write speeds. This enhances the loading speed of the websites by reducing the time needed for read/write operations on the files of the websites.

Shared Hosting-hostkoro

Redundant Network

All Hostkoro Infrastructure is connected with up to 7000 Mbps network, allowing for zero to none delay in network connectivity. Additionally, every network in our Datacenters is backed up just in case there is some sort of outage.


Latest AMD CPUs

The CPU is often referred to as the "brain" of a typical server. However, every brain has its own potential. To provide unlimited potential for our services, we are utilizing the latest AMD Epyc™ processors.

Software Features

The pillar building all our Web Hosting Services is a famous stack of Software used by thousands for hosting PHP based websites. Here at Hostkoro we maintain the latest stable versions of all the software that we use, so you no longer have to make a choice between fast, stable and secure website - you can have it all!

Stable CentOS

CentOS is a stable, easy to manage, enterprise-level Linux distribution. It is based on the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which makes it perfect for Linux Hosting services. We maintain the latest OS version on all our services, and thanks to innovative technology, we apply security updates to the OS with zero downtime!

Latest cPanel

What is a web hosting service without a wheel to steer it in the right direction? Over the years, cPanel became an industry standard when it comes to reliable, native, and easy to use web hosting control panel! We provide it for free with every Web Hosting service that we offer!


LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed is a drop-in replacement for Apache, which outperforms it at least ten times without sacrificing any of the most important aspects of a web server - Scalability, Security, and Performance. Thanks to its architecture, LiteSpeed provides complete HTTP/2 over QUIC Support, which makes it one of the first to implement HTTP/3.

Php_my SQL

Latest php & MySQL

The core services we offer are always up to date! This allows for quick bug fixes as well as immediate vulnerability patching when a patch is officially released! We maintain multiple PHP versions so every developer will experience the power of the diversity our Development Hosting offers!