What is shared hosting and why is it important

What is Shared Hosting and Why It is Important in 2022

If you are considering hosting your website, you have several options to choose from. Aside from choosing the right hosting provider, you’ll need to pick the right package. Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting options for those who are launching their first website. Shared hosting lets you launch your website fast and efficiently.
Shared web hosting services can provide a comprehensive online appearance with versatile facilities. The purpose of this post is to explain what shared hosting is and why it’s essential. Let’s dive in.

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting, hosts your website on one physical server that hosts several other websites. You’ll find a software program on the server that makes managing and using your site easier. Many users can share the same server, which means the costs are split too.

For entry-level websites, shared web hosting is the go-to option for its cost-effectiveness. Blogs and small websites don’t require high bandwidth or complicated network configurations. Having many users using the same network simultaneously reduces the cost per user.

Why Start With Shared Hosting

Many experts suggest you start with shared web hosting if you wish to enter the online world. Web hosting comes in different forms. However, shared web hosting is the best option for beginners due to its importance to a web host. Check out some of the benefits of shared web hosting.


The first and foremost benefit of shared web hosting is its cost-effectiveness. It is the cheapest type of hosting out of the various types. Users of shared hosting can divide and share server resources between hundreds to thousands of websites at the same time. The cost per user is lower since many users share a single web server.
If you are a newbie to website appearance, go for shared web hosting without much thinking.

Flexible User Interface

User interface flexibility is one of the focusing advantages of shared web hosting. Users can easily manage their shared hosting operations through Cpanel or a control panel. When you sign up for a shared web hosting service, you will receive a customized web interface.

Using this personalized interface or control panel, you can upload documents, media files, folders, edit, add domains, and more. With this simple and flexible control panel, any operation on your site will be easy. This simple user interface does not require highly technical skills.

Frequent Support

Users can be comfortable with shared hosting because it doesn’t require server management. Users can have ease with all aspects of server maintenance, including security, maintenance updates, and regular checks with shared hosting services.

The chances of technical difficulties (server down or crash) remain high on hosting networks. The process of examining, finding, and solving issues on the server requires expert knowledge. Therefore, the shared server remains under surveillance for emergency support.

Advanced Security

Network security is one of the significant concerns for website hosting. In shared hosting services, when a security issue arises, that fault can disturb the whole server. Thousands of shared users and their valuable data can be lost or damaged.

For this sensitive security reason, shared hosting service providers are always in check to protect the server and ensure user-end defense. They always run various security inspections and measures like keeping data backup, server updates, restricted protocols, server change limitations, and other surveillance to maintain server security.
So, as a shared hosting user, you can be comfortable because all-type security maintenance is always ongoing.

Multiple Domain Hosting Service

You can use multiple domains under one user account or directory as a shared hosting subscriber. The hosting company will provide all flexible interface utilities to maintain all of your website’s operations. This easy and convenient interface will help you to manage website activities, avoiding complications.


Scalability is one of the key benefits of shared web hosting. There isn’t much traffic for starters and small site owners. As much as they need, shared hosting keeps them within the limit. They don’t need to access many heavy-end users’ specific resources.

Shared web hosting can maintain 100,000 audiences a month and approximately 3000 visitors daily. When a website reaches an advanced level of traffic, it might need to switch bigger volume server. Shared web hosting allows you to change servers if required without much complexity.

Professional Management 

Shared web hosting allows you to maintain and operate websites professionally at a cheaper rate.
So, if you are looking for a reliable shared hosting provider, then we at HostKoro can provide you with superior shared hosting services.

How does Shared Hosting Work?

Shared hosting is a Complex infrastructure from the developers’ end. Although, as a user, you can have the best, easy, and most comfortable taste.
We have mentioned above that shared hosting allows multiple servers to be maintained within a single server. Providers must allocate users a different network space to support their website materials. Hosting providers must distribute and maintain RAM, CPU speed, and drive space to keep thousands of users on the same network.
There is a section on the server where every website owner’s files, folders, and software applications are located. Every user has their file directory. Although all users share the same server, you can’t invade the privacy of others or access their files.

Is Shared Hosting Right for You?

People and businesses who need shared hosting are those who:

  • Doesn’t know much about web hosting.
  • Saves money by reducing costs.
  • Looking for an easy-to-manage website.
  • Is looking for a simple website for a small business or personal use.

It is exciting and intimidating to build a website. Setting up your web hosting correctly is crucial to laying the groundwork for your website’s growth. Shared hosting should take care of your website’s needs unless you have big plans for aggressive marketing.

As your website grows, you’ll be able to determine where it needs to expand, whether in terms of bandwidth or data storage. You can scale without problems when you start with a shared hosting package from HostKoro Ltd.

The Takeaway

Shared web hosting is one of the most famous hosting services because of its convenient facilities. Starter or small website owners are highly recommended to get shared hosting services as it is cost-effective. With shared service, your first online business or personal appearance can be on the easy and smooth run.

We at HostKoro are always ready to help you with the best-shared hosting plan for your needs and make your online operation easier. Why not get started now? Contact us today to book an online appointment.


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